Progress Update for San Juan Generating Station Carbon Capture Project…

San Juan Generating Station Carbon Capture Project
FEED Study Achieves Major Milestones

The site-specific front-end engineering and design (FEED) study for retrofitting the San Juan Generating Station with carbon capture technology has now achieved several significant milestones.  The FEED study is a collaboration between Enchant Energy and the City of Farmington funded through a Department of Energy (DOE) cooperative funding agreement.

The FEED study is now 70% complete and in the final stage for full completion.  

Significant milestones include:

  • Completion of the carbon capture plant layout and detailed design
  • Completion of a detailed 3-dimensional model showing how the carbon capture equipment to be added will integrate with the existing equipment at San Juan Generating Station to ensure the safety and workability of the plant operations and maintenance
  • Completion of an extensive hazard and operability (HAZOP) review where every aspect of the carbon capture systems were reviewed to ensure the safety of people or assets were addressed
  • Completion of the full Balance of Plant Engineering 

The final stage of the FEED, the costing and engineering, procurement and construction contract negotiations is set to kickoff in January 2022. The FEED study package, including final engineering drawings is on track to be completed by end of June 2022. This is a key component of implementing the project.  

Recent update presentations to DOE related to the FEED study are here:

September 2021 – Presented October 13, 2021 

October and November 2021 – Presented December 8, 2021

enchant Energy is A “Pure Play” carbon capture service provider enabling sustainable development by deploying CCS at significant scale on existing facilities

Decarbonized Electricity

With continued focus on decarbonizing electric power, Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) will play a critical role in achieving goals

Critical to Meeting Climate Targets

Analysis by IPCC1, IEA2, and the U.S. EIA3 consistently indicate that deploying CCS at significant scale is critical to meeting long-term climate targets

Proven Technology

Amine technology is proven technology for CO2 removal and is now being applied to power plant stack emissions

Avoided Emissions

CCUS will help “avoid emissions from the vast fleet of existing fossil-fueled power plants through retrofits”


Flexible Dispatchable Capacity

CCS enables “the growing need for system flexibility as the share of variable renewable energy technologies in generation and the need for dispatchable capacity”

Attractive Investment Opportunities

Declining cost of CO2 capture combined with strong tax and market incentives drive attractive investment opportunities with strong returns

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